C. Cruz Sub-Surface Locators, Inc. works with plumbers, contractors, home and business owners to find leaks, locate utility lines, and inspect existing lines for damage.  We have equipment to find gas and liquid leaks as well as a variety of cameras to inspect plumbing lines.  

UTILITY LOCATION - Locate wires and plumbing before you dig

  • Electrical Cables
  • Water & Gas Lines
  • Pipelines, Sewer Mains
  • Communications Cables

Locate utility lines before you dig.  We can locate water, electrical, gas, and sewer lines under your property. Using multiple active frequencies and sondes, buried utility lines can be located for repairs or to avoid them during construction. 

LEAK DETECTION - We Find Water and Gas Leaks

Find water and gas leaks.  We use the latest electronic listening equipment, thermography and intert gas charging equipment to pinpoint difficult leaks. Our equipment and experience allow us to see and hear what's going on underground, and enables us to deliver clear and concise answers to even the most challenging problems.  

We find the leaks so your plumbing contractor knows exactly where to work saving you time and money.

VIDEO INSPECTION - See the problem vie video

We have 3 camera sizes to fit your video inspection needs.  We can provide a DVD and written report of your sewer line video inspection.  We can locate the location of a blockage, root intrusion, rupture, or other issue in a line 1.5" to 6" up to 300' away.

Video inspection can find current issues or with routine inspection we can monitor ongoing issues.  We have worked with homeowners to monitor root intrusion, leaks, and other sewer line issues over time.