Underground Utility Location Services

Water Leak Detection

Video Inspection of Sewer Lines

We provide underground utility locating and water leak detection services for homeowners, businesses, underground utility companies, contractors, environmental companies property managers and anyone needing such underground services.

C. Cruz Sub Surface Locators, Inc. finds all underground utilities and water and gas leaks. We locate all those underground pipes for you, which eliminates the risk of you rupturing your utility or plumbing lines.  We can inspect sewer lines so you know exactly where the leak or obstruction is located.

We can make your job much easier. Count on us for expert workmanship that's backed by 37 years of experience.

  • Water Leaks

  • Gas Leaks

  • Fire Systems

  • Sewer Location

  • Utility Location

Protect your property from potential damages of excavation in the wrong place. Contact our office for expert underground utility locating services from seasoned professionals. If you prefer to reach us by phone, call (408) 946-1400.

We work with your plumber to locate leaks so they can resolve issues faster.