Chris Cruz Sr., President and Senior Technician
Chris Cruz Jr., Journeyman Technician


For eleven years Chris Cruz Sr. provided underground utility locating and leak detection services as President and 50% owner of Cruz Brothers Sub-Surface Locators Inc. The seven years prior to that, he worked as a locator and foreman for West Coast Locators Inc.

Chris Cruz Jr. started as a young boy helping after school and during summer vacation from school. He has now been working as a full time locator since 2000 and has become one of the best in our field.

As of February 1st, 2001, we have been operating independently as C. Cruz Sub-Surface Locators, Inc.  We offer services in all phases of underground utility locating and leak detection.  We are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, and combined with our 37 years experience you are certain to receive the best locating service available.


Message to Plumbing Contractors:

Use C. Cruz as your own locating service. We do not do any repair work and will not refer any other Plumbers to your jobs. It saves you the expensive cost of training and equipment. You won’t find anyone faster or better than us.

We have established a price scale competitive with similar companies operating throughout the state.  We carry sufficient liability and auto insurance to satisfy the highest of standards. 

C. Cruz Sub-Surface Locators, Inc. looks forward to continuing and maintaining a successful business relationship with you and your company.


Chris Cruz


C. Cruz Sub-Surface Locators, Inc is always on the cutting edge trying new technologies and techniques in leak/utility detection and inspection.